Make Your Day Brighter With These 17 Homemade Waffles And Pancakes With The Best Toppings, Butter, And Syrup!


Here are seventeen ways you can make your morning even better through breakfast. This list consists of awesome recipes, plus a bunch of toppings, butter, and syrup.

1.) The Breakfast Table: Waffle And Pancakes Spread

Delicious morning breakfast like waffles and pancakes deserve an awesome spread. Chocolate spread and batter goes well together. Peanut butter is also a great option!

2.) The Breakfast Table: Flavored Butters

The starring role in any waffles or pancakes recipes is the butter. The quality of the butter is important so find the best kind. It should not be too sweet or salted.

3.) The Breakfast Table: Apple Butter

When you slowly cook apples, they will become sweet and pureed. Then they are ready for any homemade tasty pancake or waffles. This kind of butter is also heart-healthy.

4.) The Breakfast Table: Mixed Fruit Compote

Cherries, strawberries, and frozen raspberries are the best choices for a mixed fruit compote. They are easy to find and become soft quickly. Plus, they taste excellent in waffles or pancakes.

5.) The Breakfast Table: Blueberry Maple, Honey, And Cane Syrup

Maple is the classic syrup for pancakes and waffles. Aside from its flavor, it is compatible with fruits and berries. Honey and cane syrup are also good in pancakes.

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